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At GroundTakers, we install concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors and much more. Whatever your concrete needs are we have the knowledge and experience to get it done!

Here are some of our hardscaping customer testimonials. 

Mr. & Mrs. Albright - Our sidewalk and patio is nicer then we even imagined!

Charolotte Jones - The guys did a great job on our Driveway. Very professional and would recommend them to everyone.


Mr. Jones - Its rare at the end of a job to be happy with it, but we are very happy with Groundtakers.

Tom Muhlenkamp - Took some old bricks and created a beautiful antique patio.  

I would recommend to all of my friends.


Freddie Stonestreet - Great ideas!  Great execution!  Our wall and landscaping makes our home feel good.  We're so happy!

Bruce Joziatis - Roger is a Landscape artist! I'm from out of town, but, my driveway, motorcycle pad, landscaping, and new lawn makes me feel like I'm HOME!  

Michael Bahr - Incredible job on my driveway!  Fast and efficient!  GroundTakers gives great value!


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