Here's what a few of our Hardscape customers are saying! 


  • Incredible job!  Fast and efficient.  GroundTakers gives a great value!                                                                                    

       Driveway in Pleasant Ridge - Michael Bahr    513-300-4798

  • Roger is a Landscape Artist!  I'm from out of town and GroundTakers has made Cincinnati feel like HOME!                            Driveway, Motorcycle pad, Landscaping, and New Lawn in Deer Park - Bruce Joziatis   email:

  • We had a long driveway installed in only 3 days.  We highly recommend this Company!  Great aftercare!                                           Driveway in Silverton - Charlotte Jones   513-708-4929    

  • Roger and crew took some old bricks and created a beautiful antique patio.  I highly recommend GroundTakers.  Great communicators!  Fun to work with!                                                                                                                                              

       Patio in Wyoming - Tom Muhlenkamp     513-460-6178 


  • Great Ideas!  Great execution!  So happy, our home feels good.                                                                                                    

       Wall and Landscaping in Kennedy Heights - Freddie Stonestreet    email:                          



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