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Here's what a few of our customers are saying about us! 


  • Paul Argenta                          2734 Hyde Park Ave.                              Oakley                                                        (513) 351-5735

Back Yard 2024:   “ Wow! What a backyard transformation. It looks amazing! We’re delighted. Love the special touches with the cut tree pieces on display. Also, you went above and beyond to put gravel behind the shed. And it seems like you gave attention to our driveway gravel at the sidewalk end. You blessed us, Roger, and bringing your ideas creativity and her and love to our project thank you brother!”


  • ​Sara Argenta                          2734 Hyde Park Ave.                              Oakley                                                        (513) 503-7562

 Back Yard 2024:   “ Wow! Just walked around the back and it looks amazing! Thank you!!! It is so relaxing to my mind to see            something orderly and finished in that space versus the chaos we had looked upon. Love it all! And thank you for the wood pieces. They are perfect keepsakes. We greatly appreciate you! ”


  • Wendy Windhoktz                 3249  Golden Ave.                                   Columbia-Tusculum                             (513) 520-0203

Yard Cleanup and Mulch2024:   “ Roger at GroundTakers was great to work with.  He listened to what I needed and asked the right questions to get us to a good agreement on the work to be completed and cost.  He gave a soft sell to do other things my yard needed but understood I was on a budget and wanted to stick with original work.  That said, he did go a bit above and beyond and it was very much appreciated.  Thanks Roger! ”


  • Will Jones                                3737 Aikenside Ave                                 Pleasant Ridge                                           (937) 581-1814

Patio 2024:          “ Superior Contractor! Excellent Service! Fast and Efficient! High quality products! I would highly recommend GroundTakers to do your contracted work!”


  • James & Louise Bangel                                              7095 Winding Way                45237                                      (513) 984-8847

Weed Control 2024:  “ Manicured the front of our home and destroyed years of overgrowth of weed manifestation for us. 

Thank you so much. ”

  • Sondra Kimball                                                             3461 Woodford Road           45213                                      (513) 365-9798

Mole Control 2024:  “ GroundTakers came and took care of my mole problem. Thank you! ”





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